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TopCoat® MycroPro™ 18" Premium Detail Microfiber Towel (25 Pack)

TopCoat® MycroPro™ 18" Premium Detail Microfiber Towel (25 Pack)

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TopCoat's® MycroPro™ 18" Premium Detail Microfiber Towel  is an 18" x 18", high density & high fiber (HDHF™), microfiber towel created by TopCoat specifically for detailing and polishing applications, making easy and fast work when it comes to polishing and buffing.

NOTE: Towels are Ultra-White, so dirt and debris can be easily seen during the buffing process to help prevent unwanted damage to your finish.

Unlike most microfiber towels on the market that are 250-300 GSM MicroPro™ 18 towels are 400GSM, offering more microfibers per sq. in. that significantly improves buffing and polishing, to an extreme. We spec our own towels, ensuring the softest possible detailing microfiber towel on the market, woven to handle the most pristine surface. The high pile design pulls debris away from the surface quickly, where it is less likely to scratch during the wiping process.

  • NOTE: TopCoat towels come in: White 400GSM, or three colors (Green, Orange, Black 350GSM, depending on available inventory).

    Key Benefits:

    • Extremely Soft & Super Absorbent
    • Won’t Scratch or Swirl Soft Surfaces
    • A Safe and Effortless Way To Polish & Buff
    • 400 GSM 
    • Large 18" x 18"
    • HDHF™ - High Density, High Fiber 
    • Binded Edging - High Quality Sewn Border For 10x The Endurance Over Borderless Towels  
    • Machine Wash & Dry
    • Long Lasting
    • MacroGrab Technology
    • Professional White for Total Working Visibility
    • Designed for Sensitive Finishes
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