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TopCoat® F11® Kit (16 Per Case)

TopCoat® F11® Kit (16 Per Case)

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TopCoat® F11® Polish is the ultimate wax replacement sealer for your auto, bike, RV, plane, and more!

Key Features:

  • Mirror like depth of image (high gloss or denim)
  • Fills in micro scratches and swirl marks 
  • Long lasting protection, average 6 months
  • Self leveling technology
  • MycroGlide technology - easy release, non stick formula ensures easy removal of bugs, droppings, sap, road film, and more.

Key Benefits:

  • Hydrophobic - Extremely water-resistant
  • Leaves a smooth & slick finish!
  • Easy to use formula, no special prep required!
  • Easy to apply, easier to maintain, making cleaning a breeze!
  • Clear formula prevents white residue build up from wax, and unsightly dry patches like ceramics. 

Each Kit Contains:

  • 1 - 16oz TopCoat® F11® Polish
  • 1 - 2oz  TopCoat® F11® Polish
  • 2 - TopCoat® MycroPro 16" Professional Detail Mycrofiber Towels

Protects against natures harshest elements! 

    *Keep out of reach of children

    (Always refer to product SDS and/or TDS sheets for further product and safety information.)*

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