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TopCoat® Gla-C™ Gallon Case (4 Per Case)

TopCoat® Gla-C™ Gallon Case (4 Per Case)

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Many materials like vinyl, acrylic, isinglass (plastic glass on jeep soft tops, on boat canopies), lexan, and window film get damaged or dry out due to harsh chemicals in traditional glass cleaners. Knowing this, we developed TopCoat® Gla-C as a water-based formula, safe for any material, and our environment. TopCoat® Gla-C not only cleans, but prolongs and protects these sensitive materials, maintaining them in like-new condition for years to come. 

TopCoat® Gla-C uses MycroGlide™ Technology, this technology chemically fills in the microscopic pores of the glass to a point that significantly reduces surface tension and friction, creating a smooth barrier that keeps the glass cleaner, longer. TopCoat® Gla-C’s technology is so revolutionary, any treated glass can easily be cleaned with a simple wipe from a microfiber towel!

The only product that safely & effectively cleans, maintains and protects window film, acrylics, & isinglass. Without cracking, yellowing, fading, or peeling.

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